Frequently Asked Questions

The following are most common Frequently Asked Questions which our customers ask on Daily basis.If you still have unanswered questions, give us a call! (703)-371-7719

How much is your Service charge/Diagnosing Fee?

Our Company charges $69.99/- fee service charge for Visit and diagnosis. If your appliance gets repaired by our company technicians then your service charge will be waived off. If you decide not to get work done then you shall pay the service call charge. Our service call charge includes Visiting charge, appliance diagnose fee and a complete written estimate of the work required for your appliance.

What type of warranty does our company offer on repair services?

Our Company provides a regular warranty of 30 days for labor and installed parts. Warranty is valid on installed parts that have been purchased through the company until the specific parts become obsolete or discontinued. No warranty on damage caused by external problems or interference by anyone else (other than Delta Service 247 technicians) sensing or tampering with the repair. Delta Service 247 reserves the right to void the warranty due to not being provided with up to date maintenance records. Grease build-up voids the warranty. Improper usage of the appliance automatically voids the warranty. Warranty is void on relocated appliances. Any Lifetime Warranty limitations and / or refusals will be communicated to the customer prior to the completion of the repair.

Will my appliance be fixed in just First trip or visit?

Most of the appliances are fixed on the same day. Well some of them depend on the repair work and parts availability. If we have part available then your appliance would be fixed right away. But if any part required is not available with us then it needs to be ordered which takes around 2-4 working days. After the part is arrived customer would be notified for re-scheduling the appointment. Proper time estimation would be given only after diagnosing the appliance and parts availability.

What are the modes of payment?

Our Company accepts all kind of payment. Cash/cheque and cards. Our technicians will come to your house and after diagnosing your appliance will give you a complete written estimate of how much it would cost for the repair work that needs to be done.

Can customer buy their own parts for repair?

Our Company provides Company tested and genuine parts. Customers can buy their own parts. Warranty is only valid on the parts if the repair and purchase is performed by our company service technicians. We do not guarantee or warranty on customer Owned parts or third party parts. We provide 90 days of warranty on parts if only provided and repaired by their technicians and not on any other parts.

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